mysql prompt변경

Option Description
v The server version
d The default database
h The server host
p The current TCP/IP port or socket file
u Your username
U Your full user_name@host_name account name
A literal “” backslash character
n A newline character
t A tab character
  A space (a space follows the backslash)
_ A space
R The current time, in 24-hour military time (0-23)
r The current time, standard 12-hour time (1-12)
m Minutes of the current time
y The current year, two digits
Y The current year, four digits
D The full current date
s Seconds of the current time
w The current day of the week in three-letter format (Mon, Tue, …)
P am/pm
o The current month in numeric format
O The current month in three-letter format (Jan, Feb, …)
c A counter that increments for each statement you issue
l The current delimiter. (New in 5.0.25)
S Semicolon
‘ Single quote
” Double quote

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