EPIA-M USB Stick memory boot!

I’m posting this hopes of helping people who google this, because I just spent two fucking hours finding it out. Here goes:

If you have a Via Epia M (EpiaM, Epia-M) motherboard in your barebone computer, and you want to boot from a USB Stick or USB Hard Drive, you have to know three things:

  1. In the Bios, set the boot device to USB-ZIP
  2. Also in the Bios, activate the USB-Keyboard option
  3. Finally, before you plug in either a USB keyboard or your USB drive, remove the power chord of your barebone computer! Don’t just turn it off; in order for the Epia M to recognize a USB drive or keyboard, you have to completely cut its power before you plug either of these in.

Those were infuriating two hours yesterday evening! HTH

In the next days, I’m going to post my experiences and maybe even a HOWTO on creating a software RAID on Linux

출처 : http://breakthesystem.org/2007/booting-from-usb-on-a-via-epia-m-board/.